Side By Side Tricycle

Riding a side by side tricycle is a fun and really unique way to enjoy the tandem cycling experience.

Traditional tandems are fine and have a lot of fans but on a traditional tandem the stoker rider in the rear has a beautiful view of the captain's the front rider butt.A normal conversation is difficult at best.

With a side by side you can truly share the riding experience. You are both captains and can converse as you would in a car.

A traditional tandem requires a certain amount of practice to be able to ride safely but with the side by side there is absolutely no learning curve needed. You simply get on and ride. No balance problems no steering problems just riding fun.

The Joy rider has wide molded adjustable seats and adjustable handlebars. Also the seat to pedal distance is adjustable from 29 to 41 inches.

A 3 speed drive is an option for easier pedaling and independent pedaling means one rider can rest occasionally and the other keep right on pedaling.

Features,specs, and options


  • Stylish 24" Skyway mag wheels
  • High impact molded seats adjust individually for personal comfort
  • Tilts on end for storage
  • Front band brakes and front fenders
  • Dual rust-resistant baskets
  • Safety flag.
  • Brakes: Coaster (rear) / Band (front)


  • Brakes: Coaster (rear) / Band (front)
  • Size: 34"H x 70"L x 50"W
  • 150 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (two riders), 250 lbs (one rider)
  • Height Capacity: 4'2" to 6'8"
  • Seat Adjustment: 29" to 41" (seat to pedal)
  • Seat Height - 15.5"


  • 3 speed coaster brake
  • Rear fenders
  • Harness system
  • Heel supports
  • Handle stop

Check manufacturer's specifications for rider weight, height, and inseam dimensions.

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