Hybrid Electric Tricycle 

A hybrid electric tricycle has all of the features a rider could want for a safe and comfortable ride. Not only is it a more stable platform without the balance issues of a bicycle it is easier to pedal than a standard trike, and has a more cushioned ride.

The trike shown above is pedal optional so the rider can pedal for some great exercise, just use the motor for an occasional break, or even sit back and let the motor do all the work.

These tricycles are a hit in retirement communities where golf carts are a common means of getting around. They can be ridden anywhere with no restrictions in almost any state where-as this is not the case with golf carts.

Most electric tricycles have either a front wheel hub motor or rear wheel hub motor that only powers one wheel which sacrifices traction, torque, and cornering safety. Those issues don't occur with he Libert-e. The rear end differential allows the power to be equally distributed to both rear wheels like in a car providing safety, power, and traction. This trike also comes standard with advanced front shocks to cushion the ride, A Lithium battery which is light and compact, and front and rear disc brakes for sure safe stopping.

Hybrid Electric Tricycle Features

  • Maximum speed - Up to 11 MPH / 19 km/h*

  • Range - Up to 15 miles / 25 km per charge*

  • Maximum weight capacity - 286 Lbs / 130 kg

  • Front tire - 20"

  • Rear tires - 18"

  • Power control - 1:1 booter and Pure electric Motor

  • Motor Power - 36V 350W

  • Motor Type - DC Brush Motor

  • Battery Type - Lithium Battery

  • Battery capacity - 36V 10Ah

  • Charging time 6-8 hours

  • Suspension - Aluminum alloy fork

  • Brakes - Front and rear DISC brakes

  • 71L x 26W x 45"H / 180 L x 65 W x 115cm H

  • Weight - 99 Lbs / 44.9 kg

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