Ride An Adult Tricycle
For Fun And Fitness

A traditional adult tricycle is basically the image that comes to mind of a tricycle that has been enlarged to accommodate large or adult riders. They are made from stronger and larger components and tend to be a single speed kind of no frills tricycle. They are available in multiple speeds but Usually the only added accessory is a basket

Different body types or health issues may point you in a little different direction. For instance a plus sized rider may need a bigger or different type of saddle as well as a heavy duty frame. Also the number of available speeds effects the effort required to pedal.Some adult tricycles offer a coaster break like the bike that you rode as a kid so you simply pedal backwards a quarter turn or so to stop. ( check manufacturers specs for this feature)

Keep an open mind and consider other styles other than the traditional adult tricycle

Another consideration in the selection process is a trike that has as an option a saddle with a seat back. Riders with back problems often find this a welcome addition that can even make pedaling a bit easier.

A recumbent tricycle offers a pedal forward design that also makes pedaling easier and more efficient. A semi-recumbent has much the same benefit but sits a bit higher and may be easier to mount and dismount.

If a rider has somewhat limited flexibility a low step trike offers easier mounting than a more traditional tricycle. It is well worth the effort to look into the many types and styles available before making a final selection.

A folding tricycle offers the added convenience of requiring less storage space and often offer the same features as a traditional trike.

Electric tricycles give the rider the added benefit of optional pedal assist for an easier ride. The rider can choose to pedal or take a break and let the trike do the work.

There are even folding electric tricycles available that offer both optional pedal assist as well as easy storage.

The choices are extensive and it is well worth the effort to take the time to consider what is available so you can find the best fit for you, your level of fitness, and your body size and style.


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