The Ricksycle Recumbent Tricycle

The Ricksycle recumbent tricycle is the most unique human powered vehicle on the market. It is so unique that it almost defies description. It has side by side seating. It easily breaks down into small components for transport. It can be configured to accommodate disabled riders. It has independent power trains so both riders can pedal at their own comfort level. Either rider can steer. You have double the pedal power. And on and on. The versatility is somewhat mind boggling. Actually it can probably be best described as a Ricksycle 21 speed folding recumbent tandem tricycle.

Ricksycle recumbent tricycle

The side by side seating has many advantages. Not only does it make it much easier to interact with the other rider it's much easier to tend to the needs of children or disabled riders. And remember, they can ride within the level of ability due to the independent power trains.

Either rider can stop the Ricksycle with a hand brake on the steering stick. The disk brakes on the rear wheels have plenty of stopping power. Also the parking brake can be engaged easily with a simple push button.

To steer the Ricksycle one simply pushes the steering stick forward to turn left and pulls back to turn right. One of the riders is the "captain" and does the steering but it can be done from either side.

The Ricksycle recumbent tricycle is very popular with active seniors who enjoy the social interaction while getting some great exercise. It is even extendable so a family or a group of up to 10 can ride together.

Transporting the Ricksycle is actually quite do-able.

  • The Ricksycle separates into four manageable pieces for easy storage.
  • The front wheel, the two side wheels and the seat.
  • The heaviest being approximately 30 lbs (15kg).
  • The entire Ricksycle will fit into a space of 5 feet by 3 feet by 20 inches (152cm x 92cm x 51cm).

Go here for complete list of features and specifications.

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