Adult Tricycle FAQs

Adult tricycle FAQs are an excellent reference for those who are thinking about making the transition from bicycles or are hesitant to ride a bike for any number of reasons.

It may be that you like to ride but aren't as young as you were or have problems with balance or flexibility. It may be that you gave up riding a bike because of sore butt, hands, or back. Many of these issues are addressed by adult tricycles but you may still have unanswered questions.

In any case you are not alone and you don't have to "fly blind" or risk making a poor selection.

Here are some of the questions that others have asked that should be a big help.

Adult Tricycle RFQs

How safe are tricycles to ride?

  • They are safer than bicycles in many respects. They have a much more stable platform so balance is not an issue. You can ride as slow as you like with no problem. The low step through design makes it easier to mount and dismount.

Do tricycles ride like bicycles?

  • The ride is similar but better in some respects since some are equipped with back rests for additional comfort and support.

Do tricycles handle like a bicycle?

  • In most respects yes although you can't lean into a turn or shift your body weight to turn as you can on a bike. But it takes very little practice to get the feel of the ride.

Are tricycles easier on the hands, back, and butt than bicycles?

  • Yes many tricycles have wider saddles and back rests plus the rider has very little pressure on their hands just by virtue of the upright riding position. Recumbent tricycles are especially kind to body parts.

Are they heavier than a bike?

  • They are heavier just by virtue of the additional wheel and the frames are more rugged than bikes and are usually chromemoly steel rather than the aluminum, titanium, or exotic materials on some bikes. The weighs are always shown in the specs.

Do adult tricycles come in different sizes?

  • Absolutely but be sure to check the manufacturers specs for inseam length, height, and weight limits.

Can I ride a tricycle on hilly terrain?

  • Most trikes are best ridden on rather flat roads but many have multiple speed shifting to assist in climbing hills. This is especially true of recumbent tricycles which handle hills much like a bicycle.

Are there tricycles for plus sized adults over 250 lbs?

  • Heavy duty adult tricycles are available for riders 400 lbs plus.

Do tricycles use components that are readily available?

  • Wear components like tires, tubes, chains etc are available in any bike shop although chains are best replaced by a bike shop.

When riding on roads are trikes usually visible to drivers?

  • Most upright tricycles are just as visible as bikes but recumbent tricycles usually come with a flag for increased visibility.

Can I transport a tricycle?

  • You will need to check the dimensions to see if it will fit in an SUV. Folding trikes usually do. Otherwise you need a special carrier of a pickup truck.

When is a recumbent tricycle a better choice that an upright tricycle?

  • If you have an issue with sore back, or butt on an upright tricycle or if you just like to ride fast and climb hills easier a recumbent trike is a great choice and more fun to ride.

Are tricycles shipped assembled.

  • Not often. The manufacturers usually request that you have them shipped to a local bike shop for assembly but in most cases there is an allowance built into the ordering process that gives the buyer a rebate to offset the assemble cost.

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