The adult tricycle guide makes
selection a breeze

Welcome to Adult Tricycle Guide. We are all about encouraging adults to experience the fun and fitness of tricycle riding. Many adults would like to ride but may be intimidated by a bicycle or have physical limitations that prevent them from riding a two wheeler.

There are a lot of options to traditional tricycles that are often overlooked that may open the door to years of cycling fun and fitness.

Finding the most appropriate tricycle to fit the riders specific wants and needs can be a problem. This is where we can help.

There is an ever increasing demand for tricycles for mature riders and very little useful information available.

Cycling is proven to be an excellent way to attain and maintain fitness but not everyone is comfortable riding a traditional bicycle. Adult tricycles are a different animal in that they offer a more stable riding platform than a bike. The rider can sit comfortably with both feet on the ground for an occasional rest or to stop and chat with friends and neighbors. Unlike bicycles balance is not an issue so you can ride as slow as you please with no problem.

Bicycle manufacturers are finally realizing that they have been neglecting an important segment of the cycling market and are introducing more styles of tricycles for adults that ever before. Unfortunately, bike shops rarely show any tricycles but our adult tricycle guide can help you zero in on the best match for you with relative ease. 

Adult tricycles offer most of the options that bicycles do. They can be as basic as you like or they can be customized to fit your particular wants and needs. Wider seats and seat backs are offered on several models.

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Adult tricycles are more than the standard tricycle beefed up and enlarged to accommodate adults but can be configured in several different ways such as pedal optional, having electric motor assist , and folding trikes for easy storage and transport.

If you are a plus sized rider there are tricycles for you as well with available heavy duty models capable of handling up to 400 lbs. There are recumbent tricycles and semi-recumbents for the more adventuress who like to sit back and grin at higher speeds.  

The newer designs are much lighter and stronger then older designs so they can accommodate heavier riders but you should check the manufacture's specifications. Also there are more gears available for easier pedaling.

Here is just a sampling of the many available styles...


When selecting an adult tricycle it is important to consider some key factors like ...

  • Body size and weight
  • Length of inseam
  • Seat position
  • Any physical limitations
  • Do you want or need pedal assist
  • Do you plan to transport your trike?
  • Would a folding trike be better for storage?
  • Do you plan to take children or pets with you?
  • Do you have special needs?
  • Is flexibility an issue?
  • Do you need a wide saddle or backrest?
  • Consult with your family doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to ride a adult tricycle.

Make sure to look at several styles and check the manufacturer's specifications.

Many retirement communities favor golf carts for local trips but golf carts are expensive and do nothing to help you to stay fit. They can't be driven on streets whereas tricycles have no restrictions and can be a fun way to run local errands or visit friends while getting some great exercise. I live in a very large resort and retirement community and see more and more tricycle riders every week.

Take a look around this site and let the fun begin!

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