Folding Electric Tricycles Offer Easy Riding And Storage

Folding electric tricycles are the ideal blend of easy riding and storing convenience. Since they are pedal optional the rider can pedal for exercise or use the motor when it is more convenient.

Another option is to just use the motor when you get a bit tired or on hillier terrain.

Many people shy away from riding because of balance concerns. While it is true balance is an issue with bicycles it not a problem with tricycles and you ride as slow as you want without losing your balance.You can even sit comfortable with both feet on the ground which is difficult, at best, with a bicycle.

The addition of a motor makes riding even simpler. Add the ability to fold your trike and you have a beautiful package. You can even transport it easily in an SUV.

Most electric tricycles will charge in a few hours and have a maximum speed of 15 mph. Maximum distance range varies with each model and is dependent on the riders weight and pedaling assistance.

Here are a few of the available styles of folding electric tricycles. Click on image for details.

Here are two of the more popular models..


  • Minimum saddle to pedal distance 25.5"
  • Maximum saddle to pedal distance 32"
  • Maximum weight capacity 215 lbs
  • Seat post length 11.5" x 28.6mm
  • Top tube length 22.75"
  • Step over height 14.5"
  • Basket size 21" x 14.5" x 9"
  • Overall length 60"
  • Overall width 29.25"
  • Saddle size 12" wide X 12.5" long
  • Wheel size 20"
  • Rims double wall aluminum
  • Tires 20 x 1.75
  • Handlebar size 25" wide X 9" high
  • Chain ring 36 tooth
  • Freewheel 16 tooth
  • Crank length 6"
  • Battery Li-Ion 36v 9ah / 324wh
  • Battery Weight 5 lbs.
  • Battery Li-ion Charger:Input 100 - 240v 1.6a (maximum), Output 42.00v 2.0a
  • Dimensions when folded: 29 x 20 x 34
  • Weight: 65.5 Lbs. (including the battery)


  • Motor: 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor
  • Power: 500-750w peak
  • Wheel: Hand-Built Wheel w/ Heavy Duty Double-Walled/Eyeletted Rim & Steel Spokes
  • Hub Weight: 14 Lbs.
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 1 Year at 36v
  • Speed: Top Speed 10MPH Forward and 3MPH Reverse
  • Range: Range is between 12-34 Miles*
  • Charging Time: 4hrs - 8hrs
  • Range; 10- 20 Miles with Normal Pedaling *
  • Throttle; Thumb Throttle
  • Brakes; Front Hand Caliper Brake and Rear Coaster (foot) Brakes
  • Wheel Size; 20"
  • Handlebars; 25" Wide, 9 " High
  • Basket: Large cargo 21 X 14.5 X 9"
  • Saddle: Extra Wide Comfort Saddle, 12 inches Wide x 12.5 inches Long
  • Frame: Low Step Through (Unisex), Foldable for easy storage
  • DIMENSIONS FOLDED: 29W x 30"H x 34"L

Check manufacturer's specifications for rider weight, height, and inseam dimensions.

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Note: Electric and folding electric tricycles are typically shipped to a local bike shop for assembly.