Greenspeed Folding Recumbent Tricycle

The Greenspeed folding recumbent tricycle is one of the most versatile recumbents on the market. Greenspeed is a world class manufacturer, a pioneer in the industry, and has built in several unique features to maximize riding comfort and convenience.

Some of the little things that make a big difference are ...

  • A fully adjustable headrest that can be adjusted up and down as well as backward and forward to find your perfect fit.
  • Seats that were designed by a chiropractor for maximum comfort as well as built in elastic suspension to soak up the bumps as you ride.
  • Ease of folding with one 6mm allen wrench for the seat and one quick release for the frame.
  • Delrin pulleys for a smooth quiet ride.
  • A rugged chrome moly frame.
Greenspeed GT5 folded

Greenspeed GT 3 in action

Greenspeed even includes a measuring guide to aid in frame size selection.


Please note, that GreenSpeed requires it to be shipped to a bike shop ONLY.
We will gladly ship your GreenSpeed to the bike shop of your choice.
At the Bike Shop, have a professional complete the assembly of your trike AND we will refund you UP TO $100 to have the bike shop assemble it for you.
Then just fax a copy of your assembly receipt to us and write your order number on it.
Please make sure to pre-arrange with the bike shop so they know its coming.